Intelligent search bar for any Website or Ecommerce

We use Algolia, and configure from backend to frontend your site without you having to touch any code.
Get +30% of Revenue and +10% of Conversion rates with an intelligent search bar that comes with analytics. Learn more

ExpertSearch covers everything

Do not complain on the technical stuff. We configure the search bar and set up every feature that Algolia offers.
  1. Powerful Analytics Use the search bar to understand what your customers are searching for, interacting with and clicking on. Learn more
  1. Easy A/B Testing Tune and test your search, measure and improve outcomes. Learn more
  1. Instant Search Search as you type. Help your users seamlessly navigate through the results. And let them take control of the result list. Learn more
  1. AI Dynamic Synonym Suggestions AI-generated synonyms to understand your customersfrom their first search. Learn more
  1. Unleash your content Algolia Crawler makes sense of any content of a website and makes it deliverable through a seamless experience. Learn more
  1. Control your Search results Get control over Search & Discovery to reflect your business goals. Learn more
"After a couple of free calls and no cost assistance, the team of ExpertSearch configured an intelligent search bar into my website and showed me how it could improve my results. After 2 months, I can say that I get much higher conversion rates" Angelina Deckinword CEO at Black Dunes Design
"With Algolia’s Visual Editor and dashboard, we’ve improved our customers’ search and browsing experience, as well as reduced our no-results rate by over 60%. In addition, our local merchandising teams have been able to easily pin and hide products to make them match our local merchandising strategies.” Richard Migette Ecommerce Leader at Decathlon Singapore

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